Village Of New Hartford
 Letter to Village residents and businesses 

Letter to Village residents and businesses

Dear business owners, property owners, and facility managers,


The Village of New Hartford is implementing the components of our Stormwater Management Plan (SWMP) as mandated by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. The SWMP is required in our community because the Village is considered a Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System Operator (MS4). The MS4 regulations require our Village to ensure that the discharge from our stormwater stystem into the waters of the State of New York meet water quality standards and doesn’t contribute to, or cause, a water quality violation.


Stormwater runoff from your facility which is located within the Village may be directly connected via a privately owned collection system on your property or gravity drain from your property into the Village’s stormwater system.


The Village is required to inform businesses of the following best management examples that, if followed, will ensure the stormwater runoff from your property or business will protect and improve water quality and will prevent an illicit discharge violation. The Village is also required to perform inspections on commercial properties to detect and prevent illicit discharges into the Village stormwater system.


Examples of best management practices your business is required to follow:


  • Develop a “Spill Response Plan” and train your employees on the proper procedures to follow in the event you have an accidental spill or discharge.
  • Post emergency phone numbers and report spills to the Fire Department at 733-6666 and the DEC Hazardous Spill Reporting Hotline at 1-800-457-7362.
  • Verify that interior floor drains are connected to the sanitary sewer system, not the storm drain system.
  • Wash and degrease your vehicles at a proper facility that disposes waste water to a sanitary sewer.
  • Never wash spilled chemicals, trash, or grease into a parking lot or into a storm drain inlet.
  • Keep trash areas clean and the lids on dumpsters and garbage containers closed.
  • Clean litter and debris from sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots, especially around storm drains. Dirt, oil, and debris that collect in these areas can be washed into the storm sewer and eventually will enter the Sauquoit Creek.
  • Lawn care fertilizers and pesticides applied to your landscape can ultimately run off into the stormwater system. Don’t apply before a heavy rain and follow label instructions carefully to prevent over-application.
  • Make sure landscaping wastes such as grass clippings and leaves are not deposited in the roadway as this debris can plug storm drains and cause localized flooding as well as environmental concerns and violations.


Thank you for helping keep the stormwater runoff from the Village free from pollutants


Should you need further information regarding stormwater regulations or wish to send a representative from your business to a stormwater training meeting, please contact the Public Works Garage at 724-0379 and the Village will sponsor a training session.


You may also visit the Village website at and click on the stormwater link.



Tim Hughes

Superintendent of Public Works